Government Funding for Racing
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Thread: Government Funding for Racing

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    Government Funding for Racing

    I read that the Federal and Provincial governments are going to kick in $5 M(?) each to keep the Montreal GP going for next year. (I'm sure the economic benefits of the race were a consideration in their decision.) Jeez, why don't the Feds spread some of their cash (well, our tax money) out here so we can get a decent racetrack built? It would be an investment that would pay off for years in increased economic activity.

    Oh yeah, I know why they won't -- because Vancouver isn't in Quebec.
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    Thats true. But the only reason the Govt' needs to spend our stolen tax dollers on this event is because of their own anti-tobacco legislation. What a joke, their making us pay for their misguided policy, for a economic spinoff that doesn't impact us one cent.
    On a related note, did anyone listen to Paul Martin's inaguration speech? He made a comment about building new ties with the west, blah blah blah. I'll do a jig in a clown suit down Robson the day the Federal Liberals give a damn about us Westcoasters.

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