When to complain/rage?
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Thread: When to complain/rage?

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    When to complain/rage?

    I'm curious what pushes you to complain or get loud if you feel that either something you bought wasn't given to you in a timely manner, you we're treated rudely or you feel your being ripped off or taken advantage of in some way? I'm normally a pretty calm guy but when I'm purchasing something, if it is promissed to me and not delivered in a timely manner I will get mean real quick.

    I've spent the last week moving, if buying a place and moving wasn't stressful enough I had my Washer/Dryer delayed, my Carpet was late getting installed and I still don't have any blinds in my living/dining room. What pisses me off is stores tell you they can have something for you by a particular date and then a lot of times they don't have it there. I think if this happens they should be upfront with the customer, call them let them know it won't be there on time and possibly offer to give them something else of equal or more value to make them happy.

    I won't go into everything but I'll use my blinds as an example. We're suppose to be in on the 11th, its not the 20th. I ordered them 3 weeks in advance (before I moved in) thinking that would be plenty of time. After only the bedroom blinds had come in on the 11th I tried to speed up the other ones getting here but no dice. The lady behind the counter wanted to meet me halfway and said she'd have the ones here installed ASAP and the others installed when they arrived, I'm thinking great at least their making an effort. The manager comes over and start humming and hawwing making a big deal of them having to pay for the installers to come out twice.

    I was pretty calm until he said that but I'll admit I snapped. When I feel I'm not getting the service I feel I deserve I go balistic, and I did. I tore a strip off him and the other employees there to the point where he was no longer nodding and agreeing but I guess I really offended him. He proceeds to tell me I shouldn't tell him how to run his store but IMO apparantly I did, in retrospect I was probably harsh but it really pisses me off when stores where your spending large amounts of money give you a "I don't care what you think" attitude. I still have no blinds except for the bedrooms which they did install but I'm probably heading down there afterwork to yell some more, will it accomplish anything? Probably not, but at the very least it will make me feel better and let them know that if they cannot have a product by a certain date they should be upfront about it, if they would have told me it would take over a month then I'd have nothing to bitch about.

    I know some of you are in customer service and hate people like me, thats fine if I was in customer service I would hate me to, one of the main reasons I can't have a job where I deal with customers I'm to hotheaded.

    What does it take to push your buttons? Do you get mad, rage and yell to get what you want? Maybe I'm the minority I don't know, I'm the kind of guy if I get attitude from a bank, video store, restaurant I'll ask for names then I'll write a letter to head office and make a complaint, sometimes I get letters back with appolagies sometimes nothing happens, the outcome isn't really important its just a way for me to vent my frustration with bad sservice. What are you like?

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    Man.. I hear you.

    I guess having worked in customer service for quite a few years I expect certain things as a consumer. If they fail on their date (And I think you've given them ample time) then they have failed on their end of the agreement IMO.

    Of course you have to be reasonable. But yelling rarely does any good. Pointing out that your a paying customer and that they are not holding up to their end of the agreement would make them look bad. With a larger company, they'll shut you up pretty quick as it's bad PR. Smaller companies generally tell you to go blow it out your ass.
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    getting stuff done to a house on a contract basis requires clauses. discounts for delays, holdbacks, etc. if you pay everything up front they will hose you no matter what. if you pay half, and the other half is due on delivery, and they screw you, you reduce the payment 10%. money talks. when you hold the money, you do the talking.

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    i agree with doug, the best thing to do is to place a small enough deposit where you're still at an advantage. worse case is to just demand the deposit back if they don't come through and i'm sure there are tons of people out there that will do it on a timely basis for you. that's the beauty with our economy, if one doesn't come through, somebody out there will!

    other than that my best advice is to do it yourself. in your case you might not have a choice because it's a new home and i'm sure there's lots to do.

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    in summation:

    when left unsatisfied, complain.
    when left angry, RAGE!
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    Know what, I have tried both approaches, being nice and giveing them the benfit of the doubt and trying to compromise and I have gone ballistic, both seem to have the same result.

    Like Doug said, if you are still holding the cash you have the power, but if you have already paid then tough luck they will get you when they can.

    I went through a similar ordeal with a motorcycle shop last summer while waiting for a new bike to arrive, lets just say it ended up costing me 6 weeks of riding time. I don't really want to slam the shop to badly, but they should have checked there facts before telling me that my bike would be here in 2 weeks, when it actually took almost 8. If they just told me in the first place that it would be 8 weeks then I would have been fine with it and kept my old bike longer, but since they told me 2 weeks I put up the old bike for sale sold it, figured I would be riding my new one in a week then a week goes by and they tell me sorry its going to be another week, no offer of a loaner or anything, then another week goes by and they say should be here by the end of the month, 2 more weeks, I am good about it, say ok, have borrowed a bike to ride I can deal with it, then end of the month comes by and say, the bike should be arriving in Canada next week and then it will be here in a couple of days. Well it did arrive in Canada the next week, but took another 10 days to get to Vancouver, then to top it all off, it was the wrong color.

    I felt that I had given them more than enough opportunity to resolve the issue but by now I was really pissed, unfortunate thing was that I had already paid for it so I was pretty much screwed. Let's just say I won't deal with British Italian Motorcycles anymore, and I sure as hell will never buy another Triumph.
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    Angry The hard sell >

    Good customer service and the fufilling of expectations are definately not a strong point of business anywhere in this country and Lower Mainland area businesses seem to be particularily indifferent, when dealing with these I always expect to be disappointed regardless. Maybe someday these guys will wake up and realize that they can't take customers for granted and that the "I've got your money now get lost!" mentality doesn't cut it anymore.

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