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    Turn Signal Q

    Does anyone know what a rear turnsignal draws (in milliamps or watts) on a '01 R1, or any other bike for that matter? I'm going to replace them with LED's and I need to throw in a couple of resistors to keep the blink rate the same.


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    It should be on the bulb or in the manual. Something like 12V 10w for most bikes, if my triumph is any indication.

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    12v 10w

    www.libertek.com for a resistor

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    right on! thanks. I'l just head to radioshack for a resistor, much cheaper and I get it now!

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    just take the voltage and divide by the MAX current allowed..that will give you the resistance required.

    like this:

    14V-(voltage of LED X # of LED used) divided by MAX current allows for LED.

    For 3 leds
    14-3V*3=5V 3v is the voltage of each LED
    5V/.03A=167ohm resistor 0.3A is the max current for your LED

    somebody correct me if my math is wrong...im a little drunk!!
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    I just looked it up in a manual and it says for the turnsignals

    12V 27W

    27 Watts? that seems mighty high to me, maybe I'm looking at this wrong.

    I am assuming that this is for both turnsignals, so each would be getting 13.5W , which still seems a bit high.

    With 12V applied ( I know it's a bit higher, but just for example)
    and if the rear signal is 13.5W that means it'll be drawing 1.125A

    Current = Watts / Volts

    Anyone know if 1125 mA sounds right?

    I could just hook up my multimeter and see but my bike is in storage on the island and I can't find my F*#kin multimeter.

    Anyways all i really need to know is what the normal current is going to the rear turnsignal, so I can keep it the same with a resistor in parallel when I get the LED's hooked up.

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