Interpreting Friendster Photos
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Thread: Interpreting Friendster Photos

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    Interpreting Friendster Photos

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    Holding some sort of alcoholic beverage

    Fun, laid back

    There has never been a photograph taken of them where they weren't holding an alcoholic beverage
    shit! they got me!

    pretty funny.

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    *LOL* Those were some pretty funny interpretations. I just love how the person who created that thinks the whole truth is that everyone is fat. He/She must be fat.

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    Yeah, that was good, but I clicked on the Ode to Friendster link. OMG! THAT was funny! Here's a snippet:
    There is also a feature where you can suggest that two people meet each other if you think they'd make a good match. So I could suggest that Xster, who likes "smoking all types of ill shit," meet Josh, who lists his occupation as Rolling Fatty Bluntz. Perhaps I could even meet these people myself! After all, I am only two degrees of separation from both of them. Though I don't need anyone to roll fatty bluntz or smoke ill shit with, they both also list "sleeping" and "eating" under their interests. Though it would never have occurred to me to list bodily functions as interests, at least it's a start.
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