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    Ball Bearings

    An old Harley rider gave me some good advice:
    Whenever you're riding, carry two large ball bearings in your pocket. If a car fucks with you, pull ahead of the car and drop the ball bearings; one high and one low in a swinging motion. The ball bearings will bounce, and at least one will hit the car. After the drop, take off before they can get your plate.

    Street Justice rocks.

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    The car will think it's parts falling off the Harley.

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    Originally posted by 5thgear
    The car will think it's parts falling off the Harley.
    LOL i was about to say that

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    Marbles work better and they explode on impact the bonus is they wont go through the widshield they will just smash it all to shit, and they make good dents too.

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