insuring a bike with a learners
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Thread: insuring a bike with a learners

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    insuring a bike with a learners

    is it possible to insure a bike with just my learners? i plan to learn using my bike while having my learners. Any ideas on how much it would cost for an 03 r6 ?

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    Yes you can insure your bike with just your learners.
    You can actually insure it without one, but they won't give you your discount.
    Depending on your discount, full year, with everything, probably around $1500-$2000.
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    aren't they changing the rules now? that u now require at least a learners to insure a motorcycle?
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    When I bought my bike in August 2002, I had no form of motorcycle license at all, but they insured it and gave me my usual discount. In fact having a motorcycle license never even came up.

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    I have asked the insurance agent about this before,
    they said it is up to you, to have a valid license.
    But they don't check, I wonder what happens when you get into an accident without a proper license. Does ICBC cover you?

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    From the BCCOM website:

    As of January 2004 Motorcyclists will need to produce a valid class 6 or learners license to be able to purchase motorcycle insurance.

    In the past, this was not the case. Anyone could purchase motorcycle insurance.

    This is something BCCOM lobbied ICBC to do.

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    good for them. hopefully this will crack down drastically on those that parade around without a proper class 6 or atleast the learners
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    Originally posted by simx
    I wonder what happens when you get into an accident without a proper license. Does ICBC cover you?
    If YOU are at fault, and you dont have a proper license, ICBC might tell you to go fly a kite.

    HOWEVER, if youre NOT at fault (or perhaps less than 50%??), ICBC has the option of doing what they want, as was the case with me.

    I was riding at night contrary to restrictions, and got hit by a car. Either they DIDNT know about it (for whatever reason no mention was EVER made by ICBC to me about this) or they chose to ignore it because I was not at fault.

    I must emphasize, that the adjuster has all the power in either case and can pretty much do what he/she wants if youre unlicenced.
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    I don't get BCCOM some times..

    They lobby that you MUST have a valid license to insure a motorcycle (I'm all for that), and they lobby that you can essentially wear a tin cup as a helmet.

    Talk about riding both sides of the fence.


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    i think, they should make you at least have your learners liscence. i had my learners and was able to insure mine, before i got my liscence. i am glad, i was able to put a lot of time in on the bike, and that helped.
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    so i didnt have to go get my bike licence, i could have saved 700 buck, on lessons!.
    fuck it. wouldnt mount one of these things with out lessons, didnt know about this law, i always thought you needed a class 6 to ride.
    glad they changed it
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    If nothing else, the law change should cut down on the number of moto license checks. It really bugs me that it's considered
    ok to just flag down bikes any time an officer feels like checking
    your paperwork.

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