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Thread: RideGear.com???

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    Does anyone have experience ordering from www.ridegear.com?

    And this might be a very stupid question, but I'm clueless:
    Would the items in the package be taxed at the border? (I want to order a leather jacket, helmet visor, and maybe a t-shirt)

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    You would be charged taxes and possibly duties when the product was delivered. Most of the freight companies have a customs brokerage arm that look after the taxation part of the transaction.

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    i order a ton of stuff from the US ,get them to declare the value for customs at $10 USd and get them to label it a gift .you won't be charged anything .UPs or USPS ,works the same for both.UPs will charge giant broker fees ,then the chicken shit government collects thier" we have nothing cool up here so we force people to buy out of country ,and when they find something we don't have or can't get we stick it up thier ass with taxes and duties ) charge

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    I've ordered gear from NewEnough.com from the US. Just beware that Customs does open packages to see what's inside so the label outside better match what's inside. After 9/11, Customs apprarently x-rays all packages coming in so be prepared for a long wait.

    Currently, I'm waiting for a motorcycle screen from California which was shipped out Nov 10th. Still waiting. Checked with the main post office in Vancouver and the postie advised that that Customs were about 20,000 parcels behind right now.

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