1986 nissan s12 200 sx

2 door, red, power steering, power sunroof, power windows, voice notification, barely any rust, no leaks, aircare passed, new gaskets, new battery, new brake booster and cylinder, new rotor and pads, new tires, 200,000km, well serviced and maintained.

General Car Spec's
-Curb Weight 2500lbs
-4-Wheel Disc Brakes
-All Round Independant Suspension
-Stock 0-100km/h, 8 seconds
-Top Speed, 180-195km/h (Not positive)

Engine Specs- 4 cyclinder, 2.0L, SOHC, 8 Valve, RWD (Rear Wheel Drive), 5
spd. (Stock 105hp @ 5700rpm, 118lbs/t @ 3200rpm).

Price: $1800. only!!
Located in richmond.
still using as a daily commute.
selling for someone, but you could e-mail me or PM me.