f4 to f4i gauge
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Thread: f4 to f4i gauge

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    f4 to f4i gauge

    anybody know if you can swap a f4i gauge onto a pre-01 carb f4 ? i 've seen it done .What has to be changed or re-routed to make everyhting work ? the computers are definately different but i assume they have the same sped sensor,temp sender, etc .I could care less if the odometer works or not .any idea ?

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    well, i dunno for honda's, but for suzuki's, i was able to put on a set of digital lcd 2001 gsxr600 gauges onto my tlr, suzuki's wiring harness connectors are the same size from 96+ on there gsxr and tl lines. I just had to look up the wiring diagram on the end of the harness, and pulled out all the wires outta the connector and re-arrange them into the proper positions for the new gauges, like blue/yellow wire = speed, red wire = tach, etc etc. Everything works except the temp gauge on my conversion.

    I went from this

    and did this

    and this

    and put the wires into different positions in the above connector to get this

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    thanks ,that's what i figured

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