A Criminal Gets His
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    A Criminal Gets His

    I thought I'd share this for all those people who like stories where the victim catches the low life criminal who committed a crime against him.


    I should hope our lame ass court system sends this jewel of a human being to the pokey for a suitable amount of time.
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    He will probably get a little time and then be out to start all over again.

    I say we take him out to 5th gears fight night so we can all give him our opinion.
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    no doubts about it! he's goin to get porridge.

    I shouldn't think he'll be there for long though. The pigs aren't busy if there aren't criminals on the street.

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    Seein' that he's a repeat criminal, hope he gets the book thrown at him the hardest way possible... props to the gas station owner though...

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