NEW Bike Movie Coming SOON! Jan/06/04
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Thread: NEW Bike Movie Coming SOON! Jan/06/04

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    Thumbs up NEW Bike Movie Coming SOON! Jan/06/04

    NEW Bike Movie Coming SOON! Jan/06/04

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    im not gonna be an ass but this is the third repost btw
    this movie looks REALLY cool

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    ICE cube! ha! you already know this film's goin to be gheyer then richard simmons in curlers.

    please tell me that's not the dude from Fast and the Furious.

    Why's there not even a pic of a decent bike with some "Torque" on the front? wtf?

    K, that's enough neysaying....on a more positive note, just HOW high do you figure a guy could bounce a quarter off of that chicks toight ashe? did someone say "greek"?

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    I figure it will be as equally bad as Biker Boyz.
    But I'll still go watch it. :P
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    jeeez, more mindless crap for 14 year olds

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    This isnt a bike movie."On any Sunday"is a bike movie.

    RW: I think its the same guy from BikerBoyz.You know,the one that played the white guy that wasnt Kid Rock.
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    guys.. did you notice that fine looking blonde.. i think we owe it to her to watch the movie..

    mind you, her being in leather insnt an inscentive to go see it..
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    The blonde is dope but I wanna know WHOS this!

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    whats the deal with hollywood portraying sportbikes riding in dirt?
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    Jason R
    Ya everyone knows about this gay movie already...

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