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    what do you call..

    that piece of plastic/carbon fibre that protects the tank from getting scratched up by your crotch?

    how much do they go for?

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    it's a 'tank protector' (the ones that protect from your belt etc)

    go from $10 to 30 depending on size and material...

    there's also these clear plastic overlays that you can get for the sides where your inner thighs rub...not sure on the price for these ones though.....it's in a thread somewhere....

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    I've got one sitting in my garage that I haven't used. It cost me a little over 20 bucks. It's the carbon fibre look alike. Doesn't look at all like carbon fibre though. I think it looks more like a piece of spongy plastic with carbon fibre painted on it.

    Want it?
    I love my squared off tyres. Torque rules.

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