Why would you buy a used helmet?
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Thread: Why would you buy a used helmet?

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    Why would you buy a used helmet?

    Maybe a better question is why would you sell your helmet?

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    To get a new one. Who woulda thunk it?

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    I sold my first one after I got it for 2 months. It was too loose as soon as the pads wore in and started lifting on the highway.
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    Riders diet for power to weight ratio.

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    Unfortunately, laws of economics also apply to human life; as supply increases, its value decreases.

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    I'd buy a used lid only for a passenger...... or for myself if motorcycling was putting me in the poor farm (more so that normal).

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    To properly dispose of a helmet:

    1) Cut the straps off
    2) Dump a cup of Gasoline in it

    Optional fun

    3) Chuck off of your roof onto the pavement, just for the hell of it
    4) After you've done #2, set it alight...Oooo Good Fun
    Good Luck and Godspeed!

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    If your helmet is damaged, you should actually drill a bunch of holes in it so no one else tries to use it....or try the gasoline trick I suppose.

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    Advanced Optional Fun:

    1: Tuck your head in your shirt
    2: Place gasoline filled helmet on your shoulders
    3: Run into a crowded area
    4: Scream and launch helmet from shoulders (bonus points for ignition of said helmet)
    5: Run around waving your arms bumping into things
    Transportation = Recreation

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    As long as I knew how long ago the helmet was bought and it was in nice shape, of course. It's amazing what people are willing to sell. You wonder why they bought it in the first place. There's a lot of gear for sale that's been used mabe a couple of times, still smells and looks brand new for way less than you could ever get it new. Honestly, if it's good enough for my passenger, it's good enough for me. I'd rather they had the nicer gear anyway.

    If something is still useable, hey, sell it. Hell, I'd give it away before I threw it out. There's always someone out there who could use it.

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    Re: Why would you buy a used helmet?

    Originally posted by Noshpit
    Maybe a better question is why would you sell your helmet?
    to get a new one..or cuz u need money...
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    for a passanger..
    Lets Jump

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    dont buy a used helmet. obvious reasons. you can get a nice new one for 300 bones.

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    Would you put on your buddies used underwear after a game of raquetball? Sorry no used helmet for me!
    Keep'in the dream alive!

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    A used shoei or arai for half price used only a couple times? Hell yeah I'd buy it. There not too hard to come by. You might as well get a good condition used quality helmet than a shit plastic helmet brand new. Plus, not all of us have money to burn, but we still want good gear.

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    Same goes for why you buy a used car, motorcycle (parts), house, shoes, leather gloves, leather jacket, Sidi boots, computer stuff, books (UBC/SFU), etc.

    To save money. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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    the only thing i'd do with a used helmet is give it to a buddy whos learning how to ride, and doesnt want to invest in a new helmet yet. other than that, keep it as a spare/passenger. or make it into a soup bowl

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