Looking for a project race bike..
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Thread: Looking for a project race bike..

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    Looking for a project race bike..

    Hello all,

    I am looking for a project bike that I could work on during the winter.. do you have any recommendations.. price is not THAT big of a factor but I would like to keep it around 4-6 thousand.

    I would also prefer something that would be easy to make street legal since I can not always make it to the track.. yes I am a poser.. what can I say..


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    yamaholic is selling his r6, not street legal though afaik, icbc write off.. 5500 i think

    motards are easy to street but can cost a lot unless you buy used

    f4i's f4 can be had cheap, same with kawi's... go talk to mark in service at rms and say you are looking for a race bike, ask if he knows of any. talk to marbod at mspeed too. bill from fifth gear might know of something too, if not street bikes i think he has some motards bein built

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    If you like supermoto check out the 'berg in the buy and sell section. Otherwise, I suggest a 600 supersport, gixxers are the most popular I would say, probably followed by R6's. Great bikes. Pretty much anything newer will get the job done though. I know you say cost isn't a big concern but remember, buying the bike is only the beginning.

    For yet another option SV's are a cheap way to get out on the track competitively. Unless you really want a project, the best way is to buy something that's ready to go. Good luck, hope to see you out on the track this year.

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    i can probably find you something, let me know exactly what you want.

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    Weren't you the guy with that TZR250? What was wrong with that bike as a project race bike?
    SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING : Quitting 2-Stroking Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks to Other People's Health.

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    Never had a TZR in my life..

    Jeez.. I would kill to have a mid-90s 2 stroke here....

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