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    Motorcycle Gear Shops Question...

    I guess this may as well be a newb quesion, but do the shops like BK, Modern, RMS, Pac Yam, Holeshot ever have huge boxing day blowout sales like A&B sound? 'Cause I think I would actually line up for one of these, providing they're huge savings.

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    I think that the best deals in Vancouver on gear are at Modern. Just make sure to get Aaron and bargain hard with him. They have a lot of closeout gear. Otherwise the shops who sponsor events through the site or clubs have sales every now and then through the year. Nothing special on boxing day AFAIK. The bike show is probably the best 'sale' coming up.

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    You missed your chance when they each had their customer appreciation sales. The bike show is also a good place to get some good deals.
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    Were having a pre boxing day sale at MAPLE RIDGE MOTORSPORTS on sat dec 13 9-4pm every one is welcome.
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    shouldve gone to RMS about a month ago. you missed out

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