bad gas - engine problems
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Thread: bad gas - engine problems

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    bad gas - engine problems

    today I received a call from a fellow member who had engine problems that were exactly the same symptoms I had experienced a few months back - wheezing, no power under load above 7000-8000 RPM, and the inability to properly to diagnose a good fix by various wrench turners. Problem solved by replacing the fuel filter (high pressure). The similarities to the story did not end there; the conclusion was also the same - buying gas at a particular gas station......

    moral of the story??? stay away from buying gas close to hwy#1 in West Van (unless you want sand clogging your filter)![COLOR=darkred]

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    Youre going to have to be more specific doode.

    Yes, some gas stations are notorious for selling inferior, water logged, particle suspended gasoline....even premuim grades.

    Sand normally settles to the bottom in gasoline very quickly because of its low specific gravity so I cant see how it can be an issue. Perhaps it was something else inside the station tank that resembled sand.

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    Are you talking about the Chevron at West View? I have bought fuel there for 6 years without a problem.

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    it would be nice if you would tell us so we can avoid it. BTW, Never fill up at a station when they are putting fuel into the underground tanks b/c that stirs up sediment at the bottom of those big tanks.
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    I hear the Shell outside the gate in Borden sucks as well
    I know that you know what I mean!

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