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    Too Many Tickets

    i work on the strip along the beach in White Rock and have gotten 5 parking tickets in the last week because my metre always expires before i can dash out of work and put more change in...

    does anyone live near the beach and have anywhere i can park my bike before it gets towed?

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    I might be able to help you out. PM me and I will give you the info.

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    I live a bit too far I think, but you're welcome to use my garage while you're at work. It's King George Hwy at 10th Ave if you're interested.
    What was it all about?

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    you should talk to the people at white rock mufflers.. they're nice (maybe?). Or talk to a homeowner + see if you can set up a monthly plan or something..

    Or.. can you get a work sticker from the City of White Rock?

    I know people who live in White Rock do not have to pay at the beach ..or anywhere in White Rock for that matter.

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