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    Ok, so i found a website that has a nice amount of cartoon pics. The only problem is I want to make the picture alot bigger than it is, reason being, i want to get a couple of shirts made with these bikes on em. But If i make the picture bigger and print it, it still comes out small. I wonder how i can make it bigger and have it actually print in a big size. The website where i fount these pics is::

    When you get to the site go to the photo gallery.
    Then click on Caracitures.

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    well, for best results, vectorize the image so it becomes scalable without quality loss. Raster images rarely translate well to cloth.

    else just resize the image in GIMP. (or photoshop, for those who happen to run a crippled operating system)
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    I believe those images your using are copyrighted and made by someone. I mention this because I'm only aware of 2 websites that have pictures like that and they both sell larger versions rather than just the thumbnails that people often use as avatars.

    Perhaps contacting the artist may be the best idea. Ya ya, morality..
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