Spokane 26th,27th May
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Thread: Spokane 26th,27th May

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    Spokane 26th,27th May

    Two days of track time again. $90US each i think. If you come and help clean up the track on Sat., Sunday is free. BBQ Sat. nite at the track for free too!


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    25th 26th? 27th is a monday.

    oh crap it looks like I'm gonna get talked out of some money again. although its a little short notice. Finding a ride down would be difficult. I guess theres always june. hahah damn I'm so addicting to the track now


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    It is Sunday and Monday. Saturday is a clean up day. Show up at 8am and you get free food and free ride on Sunday. Monday you still have to pay. That's the latest word. Will keep you informed.


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    What does "cleaning up" involve?

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    This is the response I get from Mark today. Cleaning up probably include some digging and shoveling around the track. I am not too sure but something like that. Bring your gardening tools!

    Yes its the real deal! You can ride on Monday for
    $90.00(US) If you can make it on Saturday and put in some
    work around the track you get to ride for FREE all day
    Sunday. But if you can only make Monday thats OK too.
    Also if you want you can pay 90.00 and ride on Sunday if
    you can't make it Saturday.

    Mark Creager
    3rd VP WMRRA

    > Hi Mark,
    > I am wondering what the deal for Monday? $90 per
    > rider? Is it for sure the track day is on? I am
    > coming from Canada, so I just want to get more detail
    > from you first. Thanx.
    > takie WMRRA#748

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    hey bro, check your pm

    EDIT: sorry, I didn't notice the May part until I posted this...with a little bit more notice I would have been there for sure on Sat. I've never been on the track so I'm dieing to give it a try. Let me know of any future track days a couple of weeks in advance so I can book time off from work and I'm there!

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