Swimming in the Company Pool

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  • Once, and I have the photocopies to show for it!

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Thread: Swimming in the Company Pool

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    Hookedonphonics dropout Array f4kneedragger's Avatar
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    Swimming in the Company Pool

    Well, It's that time of year again when many of us are going to company Christmas/Holiday functions. And as we all now when you mix holiday cheer with an OPEN BAR paid for by your employer, quite often you wake up the next morning with a freight train runnin' through your skull and a Woman in your bed who's name has completely escaped you but your almost certain shes from " Accounting".
    So the question is; Have you " Dipped " into the Company Pool?
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    rain? whats that! Array REVELATIONS's Avatar
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    Um, I once dated a receptionist from the turbine shop where I used to work at.
    It went prety well, she called it off after a while due to personal things going on in her life, but it was nice while it lasted.

    We did manage to keep it under wraps, which made it more exciting, everytime she'd walk by, we would look at each other and smile.

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    I thought the expression was suppose to be
    "dip your pen in the company ink."
    Maybe I am just too old.
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    Yeah, unfortunately I did, will never make that mistake again.
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    Je ne suis pas Francais Array nutcracker's Avatar
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    none at the moment
    I went out with 2 girls from where I work , never got caught...well almost in the elevator once.
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    yes please
    I dated a guy at my work, turned out to be a huge mistake, mostly 'cause my boss was jealous. Almost got caught a few times.
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    The first work christmas party(1989),nothing happened so I left early.The next christmas(1990),there was a big fight and ever since then there has been no work xmas parties(no official ones anyway).

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    When I was 19 I was shtupping the owner's daughter where I worked. She was the General Manager and she'd come and get me during my shift for some Jimmy-Jam while I was still on the clock. She'd also dip into petty cash to pay for drinks. Man, that was fun times!
    What was it all about?

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    So she wasnt in payroll, but I met my wife at the office

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    I don't go to the company Christmas parties, it's hard enough to put up with the nobs when I'm sober.
    Having said that, my ex wife was the ex bosses daughter.
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    I used the excuse "sorry, I don't date people I work with, it's my policy" before. Came in handy at the time. Policy or not, I haven't gone out with anybody from work, but I've seen the afteraffect on those that have, not pretty in most cases.
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