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    Canadian Bacon

    Well, i was hit with a bout of insomnia tonight and started to watch a late late night type movie and it so happened to be Canadian Bacon. As i was watchin this movie i was struck with some uncanny similarities between the way they depict the United States and how their out make war;and also about how they are using propoganda to pull the wool over the eyes of the public as to their economic situation. The reason im sayin all this (if you havent figured it out yet) is becuase of the near dead on similarites between the movie and the United States today and oh yeah the movie is funny as shit too.

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    Just remember you're bi-lingual grafitti and the worst crime there is in Canada is littering.
    Great movie

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    John Candy was the best!

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    I've owned that movie for years. It's so funny!
    "All I said was that Canadian beer tasted like shit!"
    Best line of the whole show, followed by the best beating of the show.
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