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    holiday plans?...

    whats shakin peeps.

    just wanted to know what everyone has in mind for the holidays.

    Me, well i fly off to the UK Tuesday Dec 23. and wont be back till Jan 10. Its gonna be fun cuz my uncle who is a nutter stunna rides with those vericial brits. so im gonna check out some UK stunnin and see what there game is like. But aside from that, there will be a whole lot of

    whats do yall gave in mind?

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    Having my family and my fiances family at my place for Xmas dinner. First time my mom hasn't had to cook, she seems pretty happy about that although I am making her bring some of her homemade perogies.

    This year doesn't seem very Christmas(ey) is that a word? It certainly isn't like when I was a kid. anyway I'm mainly looking forward to my days off I get after Xmas.

    Less then 8 months until my wedding, hopefully the new year will bring only good things.

    Merry Xmas to everyone on this site, hopefully you and your families have a great Xmas and an excellent 2004.

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