Christmas Dinner Weigh-in Challenge!
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Thread: Christmas Dinner Weigh-in Challenge!

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    Christmas Dinner Weigh-in Challenge!

    Here's how it works....
    Step one: You have everyone weigh themselves before the big dinner. Make sure to record the weights of everyone.

    Step two: Gorge, eat and drink as much as possible.

    Step three: The weigh out! Re- weigh everyone.

    Step four: Subtract the the first weight from the last to see the gain. This can be fun for the whole family, don't forget about grandma!
    Make it a family tradition. I think the record so far is just over five pounds! Good luck and remember liquids carry a punch in the weight department.
    Cheers and happy holidays. S.

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    yeah, and to get the most out of the liquid you have to refrain from taking a piss during dinner...
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