what a great year
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Thread: what a great year

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    what a great year

    this year has sucked ass big time.. i dont know where to begin, lol. guess i'll elaborate if someone wants

    anyways, they say how you spend new years eve is the way the rest of the year will turn out to be. so i figure on new years eve, if i stay clear of women, and goto bed at around 10:30 pm i will:

    1) be free of gastly female encounters which is good for:
    a) more money in my pocket
    b) more time for the bike and guy things
    c) general overal anxiety levels will drop
    d) lower blood pressure and drecrease the chance of heart failure

    1) going to bed at 10:30 which is good for:
    a) i will get a good sleep everynight so i have lots of energy for work and the bike
    b) guess i just wont get grumpy as much

    anyways, if this works out.. im gonna write a book

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    WTF... I thought we were going to strap a bike to your feet and throwing you in the lake?... well... there goes my new years plans out the window...
    Rip shit!

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