How long a job to inspect head bearings?
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Thread: How long a job to inspect head bearings?

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    How long a job to inspect head bearings?


    I have some rattling in the head when I hit rough pavement. I need to check my steering head bearing. Hopefully just needs re torquing. How long of a job does that usually take?



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    you can often tell but claming your front brake while stopped and rocking the bike back and forth, if it clunks... as for a more indepth check, i dunno. im all about the ghetto mechanics

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    About 10 minutes. Get the front wheel off the ground and crouch down in front holding the bottom of the fork legs. Try and waggle them backwards and forwards. If there's any play, tighten the castellated nut under the top yoke.
    Be careful not to overtighten it - the forks should move freely left to right. Be aware of any cables or harness looms that might give you a false tight spot.

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    head bearings don't last too long in fzr 400's. I've heard that the head on the frame isn't as beefy as it shold be and that the hole for the steering head bearing outer race can actually become oval slightly. if this is the cause, then tightening your bearing won't help. Before you get to worried though, do the check and go from there.

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