Hello all, since I purchased a new system for this holiday season, it is time for my 1.5 year old system to go. I have the following still available for sale:

Hitachi Ultrascan Digital HDTV - 65" Monitor (16x9 Aspect Ratio, True HD). More innformation on this tv can be found at Hitachi's site, although they display the new 2004 model, this tv is exactly the same with exceptions to external modiifications as the silver framing - http://www.hitachi.us/tv/browse/proj...l/65S700.shtml

Toshiba SD-9200 DVD Audio/Video Digital Progressive Player - This is Toshiba's flagship model for their hifi entrance of home entertainment. I could not find info on the company website, so I have extended the link to a reputable magazine source - Home Theater Mag : http://www.hometheatermag.com/dvdplayers/62/

These two items are in absolute excellent condition and would make a perfect gift for the holidays. I am open to offers, but only serious offers please!

Thank you for your interest!