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    Question about dogs and bikes

    I know lots of you have dogs...and most have bikes.

    I was wondering how you mix the two of them together.

    I really, really, want to get a dog but my boyfriend and I like to take off during the weekends to go on bike trips. What do you guys do with you dog then?

    I guess what I'm really asking is ; Do you guys feel like your pet sometimes get in the way of your riding?

    Just want to know what I'm getting into before I make my choice.

    Thanks guys.

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    Most people make dogs part of their family, so if you want to ditch the family member every weekend, then maybe now is not the right time for you to have a dog.

    I recently adopted out my dog, because of a new job at work not allowing me to give enough of my time to her, and my housing situation changed so there was no yard for her, and noone to let her out when I worked. It was very difficult to do, but was the best thing for her. She is now spoiled, and gets to spend way more time with her humans.

    If you can do day trips on the weekends, instead of overnighters, AND you have the time to spend with a dog, then if you get one you'll find it very rewarding, and may even change your life in a positive way. Have to remeber, they're like kids, and require much of your time, but the payback in the companionship and interaction with a dog is unquantifiably great.
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    My biking lifestyle is exactly why I don't have a dog. It would not be fair to an animal to leave it home all day while I work, then abandon it when I ride. We will take off on a Sat morning and maybe not come home until Sun night, depending on weather and how far we feel like riding. I am not prepared to give up that degree of freedon, hence-no dog. I'll get a dog when I can't ride anymore. BTW I tried taking a small dog with me in tankbag-big mistake. Won't do that again. Back to no dog.

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    I guess it depend's on the kinda dog you want to get ? many breed's require a lot of attention,and some don't, my last dog I had for 9 years and he did'nt cost me any day or night trip's, he either went with me, or stayed at home, I don't think he gave a rat's ass either way , as long as he had food and something to damn dog you could ask for
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    I take my dog everywear he's really spoiled I think more people know his name than they do mine. I bought a pair of dog goggles and he wears them on the bike . He even guards my bikes at the shop and he's worth $3600 in write offs. Dogs are only as good as you train them and more enjoyable to be around then most people.

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    If you take off a lot on weekends I'd make sure a neighbour or friend can look after your dog. Most are like babies and require daily attention, otherwise they'll crap on the carpet, etc. Can't blame them either.

    How about a cat? They're usually fine if you leave plenty of food and leave the toilet seat up. LOL Even better if you install a cat-flap so they can go in-out as they please. Watch out for racoons though. I bought a coon live trap and now the bastards just try to tip over the garbage on occasion but avoid coming up on the deck... guess they smell/see the trap up there. Had 2 of them in the kitchen chowing down a couple of times. Bastards. I also put aluminum sheet roof material around the bottom of the big cedars in the yard. Coons can't jump so they attempt to run up and you hear their feet scrambling on the aluminum but can't get up there. Need to make it uncomfortable in your yard, then they go elsewhere.

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    You can always bug your family to take the dog for the weekend. Day trips are fine, as long as you make it back to let him out to use the washroom. Otherwise, expect crap all over. Get 2 dogs and never worry about lonliness.

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    Originally posted by westvan_dude
    I also put aluminum sheet roof material around the bottom of the big cedars in the yard. Coons can't jump so they attempt to run up and you hear their feet scrambling on the aluminum but can't get up there. Need to make it uncomfortable in your yard, then they go elsewhere.
    Sweet idea.

    We got a chocolate lab almost 2 years ago. The first 6 months are the hardest because their bladder is so small. I used to come home for lunch so I could let him out for a few minutes. Once they grow so do their capacity and waiting times- he's good for 8 hours now. I do a lot of day trips so its not too bad. I just make sure I take him for a good run in the morning before I go.

    Another option is Doggie Day Care- we have one here that picks up your dog and takes them for hikes up it the mountains. Helps socialize them too. Its funny as hell because the guy has converted an old "short" bus and he has to drive around with ear muffs because of all the barking from his "passengers".

    We're kinda fortunate because my parents don't work weekends and my dad misses having a dog so he is always willing to take Porter for the weekend- damn dog has more fun than I do-goes up to their camp at Spider Springs and has lots of fun. The campground even has a seperate lake swimming hole just for dogs.

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    i have a dog, am on the road for work almost every week and like to ride my bikes on the weekend. some of these things he can do with me, some he can't. his well-being is always my first priority though. i think some people go alittle overboard with "assuring their dog is adequately entertained". mostly they just wanna hang out with you, just like Kode is lying here beside me instead of finding something more entertaining to do.

    some advice that works for me: get a dog and then make sure he/she is a joy to have around (training/socializing) and i bet you'll have so many offers from prospective dogsitters you'll have trouble scheduling them all in.
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    Re: Question about dogs and bikes

    Originally posted by Sparklebunny

    I guess what I'm really asking is ; Do you guys feel like your pet sometimes get in the way of your riding?
    Of course.

    Even though it was my wife's idea to get a dog, he has been pretty good to live with. When we go riding, we have to make sure we're not gone too long, because he has to go for a walk etc. We also take turns riding and hiking with the dog. One day we might ride to Whistler or something, the next day we go hiking around Buntzen lake (or somewhere else) with the dog.

    For longer trips, we have to put him daycare (which he hates). For the really long trips, we have to take him to a nice kennel in Langly, which takes us over an hour to drive to. All of this costs extra money too.

    For sure he complicates our life, but he is very cute and loveable. I would type more, but I have to take him for a walk right now (in the pouring rain )
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