Does F4i/F4 wheels fit a R6?
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Thread: Does F4i/F4 wheels fit a R6?

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    Does F4i/F4 wheels fit a R6?

    for 2001 R6, thanks.

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    i dunno, think you can put a honda motor in a ford? Might take a bit of work but im sure you could do it

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    I doubt it's worth the trouble unless your really like the F4i wheels for some reason. It will be hard to find someone who's done it. I think you're on your own. If it's for money reasons, don't bother, if not, check out the GSX-R parts interchangeability thread. That's how interchangeable gixxer wheels are and shows you the kind of work you might have to do. Measure them, rotors, etc. If everything looks good, trial and error time

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