The true meaning of Christmas
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Thread: The true meaning of Christmas

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    The true meaning of Christmas

    I received this e-mail this morning and thought in the sprit of Christmas I would pass it on. God Bless

    Who Started Christmas?

    This morning I heard a story on the radio of a woman who was out Christmas
    shopping with her two children. After many hours of looking at row after
    row of toys and everything else imaginable. And after hours of hearing both
    her children asking for everything they saw on those many shelves, she
    finally made it to the elevator with her two kids. She was feeling what so
    many of us feel during the holiday season time of the year. Overwhelming
    pressure to go to every party, every housewarming, taste all the holiday
    food and treats, getting that perfect gift for every single person on our
    shopping list, making sure we don't forget anyone on our card list, and the
    pressure of making sure we respond to everyone who sent us a card.

    Finally the elevator doors opened and there was already a crowd in the car.
    She pushed her way into the car and dragged her two kids in with her and
    all the bags of stuff. When the doors closed she couldn't take it anymore
    and stated, "Whoever started this whole Christmas thing should be found,
    strung up and shot."

    From the back of the car everyone heard a quiet calm voice respond, "Don't
    worry we already crucified Him." For the rest of the trip down the elevator
    it was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.

    Don't forget this year to keep the One who started this whole Christmas
    thing in your every thought, deed, purchase, and word.
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    Was this story from SOUP FOR THE SOUL?

    I had a discussion with someone who didn't want to buy xmas presents and rather buy birthday presents.
    To him, birthday presents are more special because it celebrates the birth of the person you give the present to.
    Xmas presents celebrate the birth of Jesus.
    (Some people thought it was the birth of God ...'religion differences?')
    To me, both are almost equally as important, but I don't know how to justify it.

    Whatever the case is, with everyone wishing me merry xmas today (while I was working the whole day) put me in a happy happy good holiday spirit mood. *HUGGIEZ* to all!

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    yet another misleading fact to keep many of you misinformed

    Christmas isn't the celebration of jesus' coming into the's a peagan holiday organized to such a date by the catholics to incorporate an already ongoing celbration amalgamating their religious tripe, so as to feather foot a non-catholisist group of people into the brainwashing we know as "catholisism".

    merry x-mas

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