how tight should the oil filter be?
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Thread: how tight should the oil filter be?

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    its blue

    how tight should the oil filter be?

    My bike manual says 17Nm, which isn't too tight to begin with, but today I didn't have my filter wrench with me.

    I handtightened the filter on...its on there pretty good, but probably not to 17Nm. If I had to guess, maybe 10?

    I have heard some people only ever hand tighten it. And that as long as its snug (which it is) then its ok.
    Is this going to be a problem?

    Do I need to remove my cowling again and retorque it to the specified 17Nm? Obviously I don't want the filter vibrating loose and dumping oil.

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    it shouldnt be 'tight' it should be hand tight. just be sure to oil the seal before you put it on. you should really clamp and safty wire it up though, i dont trust oil filters... heh. the 636 has a pretty pimp setup stock for that.

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    i used a filter wrench...and when tightening it the filter may have SLIGHTLY bent/crushed/warped..whatever u wanna this very bad or what??
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    One complete turn after the rubber gasket makes contact. If you've bent or warped it, you could have serious problems when you try to remove it. Also it could be prone to leaking. I'd play it safe and get a new one right away and do the whole thing over.
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    I do it hand tight first, use the oil filter wrench & do another
    1/4 turn.
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    I do mine a very snug hand tight.I`ve given up using wrenches,just not enough room.

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    Originally posted by Hu99
    One complete turn after the rubber gasket makes contact.
    Originally posted by Jayson
    just be sure to oil the seal before you put it on.
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    Too loose and it will spin off
    Too tight (might be a couple of you guys!!) and the filter might invert (pop out) when warm and at high pressure (=high revs)

    Different torques come from different manufacturers. That's because they use different sizes of o-rings, which require different torques or number of turns. Original replacement filters have the right torque for that filter (printed right on them), and might not work on a different filter.
    I do know they should never be crunched. And small torque wrenches are not that expensive! Neither are the filter sockets, which I much prefer over strap types. If I can use my hand, all that much better, but as said, it's rare these days.
    Some filters come prelubed now, but check to make sure.
    And when you're done, clean it off, start it up, check it, go for a little spin, and check it again.
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    If you are a normal person turn it a turn or two after the rubber seal makes contact. You are looking for single-hand tight. If you are a steroid monkey capable of crushing golf balls then buy the fancy wrench. If you have tightened it enough to see any deformation/crunching then you have gone way WAY to far. Toss the filter and buy a new one.

    IMHO t-wrenches can be a mixed blessing with this sort of thing. I used to work in a shop doing tire/fluid/brake work on cars. The one and only time I had a filter squirt oil all over the shop floor was when I had used a t-wrench to put it on. I probably didn't read the guage properly.


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    1. Tighten it, as per the manual.

    2. Safety wire it! The oil filter is the easiest thing to safety wire.

    If the filter comes loose or cracks, it's going to cover your back tire in oil and will crash!
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    filter wrenches are to take them off only, you can wreck the filter that way, I've hand tightened mine for years with no probs ever

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    I usually just spin it on with my fingers until it stopped against the seal, then a quarter turn to compress the rubber seal. That way, I could easily remove it with just my hand, and sometimes with a rag as a little insulation so I don't burn myself doing a hot change. Gotta watch the pipes!

    The amount of "snugness" only has to overcome the oil pressure.

    I may be out to lunch with this one, but at least I don't run the risk of stripping the threads of the oil filter nipple.

    Good Luck and Godspeed!

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