Repairing Broken Fairings
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Thread: Repairing Broken Fairings

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    Question Repairing Broken Fairings

    Well its almost time to get my bike ready for the season, i have some minor cosmetic damage to repair from a 100km low side at a track day. My upper fairing developed a crack which consequentaly broke when i unbolted the fairing, it is a clean even break just a small piece to somehow fix back together. I'm not willing to spend 400.00 on a new fairing. I heard that plastic welding works pretty good, but what about epoxy or any tough resin/glue? I want the fairing to look oem when i am done, if any of u guys have any tricks or tips it would be helpful, or if u know anyone who can do these repairs successfuly let me know, any help would be appreciated!

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    if you have any more ques let me know,you don't ahve to spend 400 ,you can get away with $100-150 on a scratched one ,,just avoid anything with cracks,,check the thread you'll see what i'm talking about

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