Must ride roads??? Utah, Wyoming, Colorado???
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Thread: Must ride roads??? Utah, Wyoming, Colorado???

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    Question Must ride roads??? Utah, Wyoming, Colorado???

    Help me out here...

    I'll be making my way to Colorado in late July and I'm looking for advice on the best roads to ride in Colorado and the surrounding states--mainly Utah and Wyoming. I'd also consider northern New Mexico/Arizona as well.

    If you have any experience riding in these areas, I'd like to hear about it.
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    OK,get out your road atlas.In Idaho going from Lewiston east to Lolo in Montana,its highway 12.Awesome road.

    Idaho - highway 75 south from Challis to Ketchum is also very good.

    Wyoming(south) - highway 530,from Green River south to Vernal,Utah.

    My info may be a little dated as the last time I was on these roads was back in 1988.

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