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Thread: paycheck movie thread!

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole

    paycheck movie thread!

    paycheck was so bad....even the motorcycle shit was just standard.... john woo cant make a good american movie....nuff said....i think his face off, and broken arrow were ok..just cuz he still had his HK mentality of making movies....but now wif him residin in the US..hes forgetting his fuckin' HK filmmakin roots....wich is dissapointing to a longtime fan like myself...
    so avoid this pos at all costs...not even worth 4 bux on a tuesday/matinee....

    oh yah..i only went to see it cuz a buddy was like...i'm bored we should do soemthing....and he seen all the other this was it...and he didnt even show up..cuz he ws i was there wif foxgurl watchin a pos
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    everytime i see a movie with ben afleck staring in it, i avoid it..

    the movie looked like crap in the previews and well.. ben afleck's in it

    thanks for the reassurance
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    Ben is almost as gay as Bert1..
    errr NO.. he is more gay. woah!!!

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