CBR 600 F3 - fuel range
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Thread: CBR 600 F3 - fuel range

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    CBR 600 F3 - fuel range

    For all those who own / did own a CBR600.

    Just bought a '97 F3 and was wondering what kind of range you typically got from a full tank of gas.

    My old bike had a fuel guage so I'm not used to watching the odometer and don't want to get caught out.


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    Its 0x00FF00!

    tank capacity

    Main tank has a capacity for 17L and the reservre 3L.

    Last season I was averaging around 16.5 kms/L. Thus the range is in excess of 280kms. I have never run mine dry to confirm, but have come to close to 280kms.

    Congratulations on a great bike!


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    Welcome to the boards Looper
    Ive got a gauge on my 9r but you just cant trust gauges. I had to use my reserve once, pulled out about 15clicks... at least now i know how far a tank will get me approx. Fill her up and run it till you have to drain the rest keeping an eye on your numbers...just be sure to be close to a gas station! lol

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