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    carb tech

    happy new year all! a couple more months till full riding season! wo-hoo!!! anyways....from what i've read/been told, the pilot jet is what's responsible for the bike at idle. my question is: does the ability of the pilot jet to grab fuel dependant on the fuel height in the float bowl?

    if the fuel level is too low, would the pilot jet still be able to grab fuel?

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    I think I can handle this one...

    The pilot jet does, to a large degree but, not exclusively, control idle fuel flow. It sits next to the emulsion tube/main jet assembly and is slightly higher than the main jet. This means it will "run out of fuel" first, if the float is too low.

    This is also why varying float height has an effect on low rpm (~2500 rpm) fueling.

    So, to answer your question: float height is critical to the pilot jets ability to grab fuel; too low, it'll get none at all, even if there is still some available to the main jet.


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