Help! Virus???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thread: Help! Virus???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Help! Virus???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i got that thing that restarts your computer.. i installed some update now it doesnt do that..

    but now my internet dies after like 30minutes.. the only way to get back on is to delete my cookies and restart the pc and it works

    i remember reading this was one step to fix some virus

    i need HELP!
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    I take it your on cable,do you have a router? if you do there are ports that you should close for the mblaster virus, do a google search, I believe there are more instructions on symantecs site
    run spybot search and destroy(free download) for other spyware that might be using bandwidth
    did you run the fix file for mblaster yet? or just the microsoft update?
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    the fix for the blaster closes that hole to the internet, RPC patch that is downloadable from microsoft's site, you don't need to do it on the router if you've installed the patch, what sort of anti virus do ya run if any??, adaware is a good program that searches your drives and registry for any spyware.

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    download and run this little virus searching program:

    then do an online virus scan if you can from:

    finally, download and install a spyware removal tool such as Spybot:

    all these tools are free

    good luck

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