Business degree: Is it worth it?
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Thread: Business degree: Is it worth it?

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    Business degree: Is it worth it?

    I am heading off to university next year and I am having a tough time deciding my major. I would like to do the BCom although it seems like everyone and their grandma's have a BCom.

    In the U.S. they don't have a BCom, they have just a B.S. majoring in general business or busines admin.. etc... what is the difference? Would an employer prefer someone from a recognized US college/university over someone from say UBC, SFU, or UOFA?

    What kind of jobs would I be looking at with a business degree? I am assuming that there would be a wide variety of jobs to choose from.

    I would like to make a 6 figure income although I am having a tough time deciding on what to do. My parents are very successful owning hotels and they are always telling me to create something and make my own millions.

    I was thinking of focusing of the stock market after my degree, and doing an MBA after a couple of years of experience.

    Please help me.

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    An undergrad degree shouldn't be thought of as a career.

    You should look at it as a place to learn how to learn, get your
    work done, put up with wacked professors and figure out how
    to do stuff on your own. All definate real-world skills. Oh yeah, and take
    courses on things that interest you.

    After that, look at some professional training, like law, MBA,
    accounting designation, grad school, BCIT speciality etc. for what
    you really want to do. B.Comm courses will let you take some time
    off towards an MBA or accounting/marketing diploma, but you'd
    end up being narrowly specialized. Not always a good thing,
    career wise.

    Experience and life skills will take you a lot farther than just a plain
    education alone. A lot of the disappointment of fresh-faced MBA
    grads is that it's hard to find people willing to give you big $$ jobs
    when you haven't proven you can do anything except study.

    Don't forget that people change their careers a couple
    of times through their lives. Get out there, look a little, see what's
    out there first hand. Some trades pay really well and are a heck
    of a lot more stimulating than being a suit in an office.

    If you're really stuck, go work and travel for a year or two. I absolutely
    wasted my first couple of years of college. I might as well been
    whooping it up in Europe learning another language and getting
    fucked up as doing it here

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    A business degree is one of the most versitile degrees so I am told. But like Dave said, a solid education won't guarantee you a good job. Life experience is a must.

    There are some valuable courses you can take thru the Canadian Securities Institute . Last I heard it can help you on your way to stock brokering (is that a word?) This with a Bcom should make you a nice green asset. Good luck and don't forget about the little person, like me, when you make your first million.
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    There is no way that an education can hurt you. However, unspecialized degrees can often be a waste of time if you have no real world skills and experience when you graduate. Unless you have obvious talent and are connected to the right people, NOBODY will give you a six figure income straight out of school without proving yourself first. Honestly, I don't know a sure fire route but I've heard a lot of ways to fail. You can't go wrong by starting your education. It doesn't sound like your parents want to hand you your life ahead of you (good for them!) but there's obviously a wealth of knowledge there if they are successful in that business.

    I would start your education and try to learn some real world business management working with your parents to add some practicality to your formal training. Many successful people in business have formal business school in their backgrounds.

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    Its all about the hookup. If you got the hookup, you don't have to grad as one of the top 10 in grades. But if not, u gotta if you expect to be head hunted, especially with a generic degree like that. Go for top 10 or else a professional school like law, medicine, pharmacy, physio, etc. Or else your on your own. And go for SFU, cause UBC's the shits. The profs all gave their 3 year notice a few years back because of a lack of resources, facilities, etc. And they all copy each other in UBC Commerce anyways. SFU has better rep and better Co-op. But these days a business degree bachelors don't mean shit. I worked my first summer in uni with a guy with a comm degree from U Vic, who made 9 bucks an hour, so it don't mean squat. MBA is a different story. If your going to do business, go balls to the wall and get into either porfolio management, accounting, finance. The others are BS unless you grad top 10. That's my opinion. I went for the professional school route and haven't looked back since, and now I'm set for life....

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