207 front and M-1 Rear?
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Thread: 207 front and M-1 Rear?

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    Question 207 front and M-1 Rear?

    Hey Guys, I have a 207 front and a 207rr rear which i am replaceing with a Metezler M-1 Sportec tire. Anyone out there run this combo? I run a 03 750 Gixxer. I am thinking of replacing the front with a bt010 when the front is done or perhaps a m-1 front if i like the rear. Any thoughts on this?

    Are any of you guys running M-1's with any other tires? How do they mix?

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    I think you'll have a rough time finding someone who has run that combination. I say if you have enough money for an '03 gixxer, you should be able to scrape enough together to buy matching tires. It's somewhat common for guys to mix different tires within the same brand without ill results (eg. 207/208) as the carcasses are often very similar.

    Go ahead and do it, the bike won't explode when you ride off. But how it will affect high speed handling characteristics will be hit and miss. You could end up with something very close to ideal or something sloppy. I wouldn't head straight for university way and hit that corner at 150 to see if you made the right choice. Good luck whatever you do.

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    In my opinion and in the 13 years of riding I've always heard NOT to combine 2 different tires.

    The bridgestones are fantastic which I use on the street and a couple of track days. The M1 are great for the street from what I 've heard as well.

    5th gear was selling a limited amount of Bridstones at a fantastic price, see if he has any available. Next guy to talk to is Marbod at MSPEED.
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    my theory kinda goes like this.does the majority of your riding time spent on the center of your tire, or on the sides of your tire.be realistic with yourself, because if you find that your rear tire is being changed out do to a major flat spot in the center , and this is not hard to do. i would recomend a sport tour rear , with a sport front preferably from the same manufacture. the other thing to consider is that not all tire cicumferences are equal. for example; a 120/70/17 front tire. if you had 3 gxsr front wheels. 1 with a dunlop 207, 1 with a metzler m1, and 1 with a bridgestone bt010 and you measured the circumference of all 3 tires. you would find that you would come up with 3 different sets of measurements.now combine this with your rear tire circumference and you will unknowingly affect the ride height of your bike for the better or for the worse.sport rider did an article on this titled "measure those buns".there is a math formula to figure out whether to raise or lower ride height. this is why most people follow the K.I.S.S. method and put a match set on their bikes. Cheers.

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