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    stave lake ride

    just a map of the stave lake run,its a good ride ,i do river road to albion ferry then as you get off it leeds right up the connecting road,its a 150 km ride in total,you can run it as a loop or not,alot less traffic and cops usually.enjoy it.nice alternative to sea/sky.let me know if anyone goes i'll be happy to ride too.

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    It is raining lightly out this way ( Abbotsford) and from the looks of it out my window it is doing the same over in Mission. Do you still want to go? If you do I know of an extension that is not shown on your map that is also very nice to ride.

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    its looking like not today,as theres a good deal of corners up there and no fun in the rain i did it in the rain once not quite as fun,keep it for future referance,i'll try to get a extension posted for the river road section which is pretty basic but at least its not a highway ride,if anyone does the ride be carefull going over the dam crossing theres a 6 inch high single railroad trussle there and you will crash if you dont go slow,be carefull! after that let it rip theres a nice set of corners right after that dont hold back!

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    That's is a very good and my buddy do that ride all the time......................
    Have to look at who is stopping behind u.........!

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    Just experienced this one for the first time with JoeyRF and Hds99 a few weeks ago.

    This is definitely a sweet alternative to Hwy99. I would suggest making sure the roads are clear though. I went in pretty hot to a downhill right only to encounter a shitload of loose gravel and a 3/4 ton Ford coming up the hill. Didn't make him move or anything, the brakes did their job, but there was some slide cause of the rocks. Otherwise it is some good riding though for sure.

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    Question guys, whats a fast route to get to the Stave Lake rd?

    All I know is the Maple Ridge Motorsports is a nearby motorcycle shop.

    Would anybody be able to post some simple directions to get to the loop?
    I love my squared off tyres. Torque rules.

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    straihht out lougheed hwy #7 on the map it'll take you straight there,when you get to albion ferry turn off which is a right turn at the lights you turn left,follow map,the easy way is dewdney trunk at the top of the map but there are many other ways as well.start with that one.

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