What do you think of KBC TK9?
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Thread: What do you think of KBC TK9?

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    What do you think of KBC TK9?

    Does anybody here have a KBC TK9? what do you think of quality/fit/venting? I am seriously considering getting a 9 to replace my TK8. 9 seems lighter and comfier. but the vents on the 9 seem a bit goofy...

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    apparently you have to move pretty darn quickly for vents on helmets to work properly, they create high/low pressure areas which 'suck' in and push out air... dont fixate to much on vent design unless you are racing... worry more about visor coatings and fit/feel

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    I find the TK9 to be very comfortable, albeit a bit noisy. It also fits a little big.

    I got one in August 2003. It's my first helmet and I've been happy with it. I don't have a "M" head, but the TK9 fit WAY better in a "M" than a "L". The "L" was just too loose for my liking, whereas the TK8 was tight in a L. I found the 9 to be WAY more comfy than the 8 as well.

    When I get going, I have to angle my head down a little to avoid the "whistle" effect. I don't know what causes it, but I've tried opening and closing all the vents and I still get it, it sounds like it's coming from the top vents though. The wind noise is often fairly noticeable at higher speeds too. I don't have much of a frame of reference, so this may be normal.

    I've been considering upgrading to a Shoei because I found them to be extremely comfortable, although I don't really know if they're "more" comfortable, because I've never had it on for an extended period. I was also hoping it'd be quieter.

    Oh yes, the visors were hard to find too. I found one mirrored one, but it's not dark enough, so now I have to search out a dark smoke. They were hard to track down, but I managed to find a mirrored one at BK, although it was probably the last one in the whole city.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
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