A quick note to all Novice Racers that view this site. Contact me now if you feel that you are ready to graduate out of Novice. We will review your request and see what we can do for you. Please include any relevant info as to your race endeavours in 2003 and how you feel they effect your status. (A few references from other seasoned WMRC Racers never hurts.)

And please, no bitching if you don't get the answers you want. We have our reasons.

Sorry to all those that contacted me before this. But I have been in the throws of moving and getting set-up so I have not been able to reply to your E-mails yet. I will soon......

All others. Contact me at smedlicott@telus.net

See you all at the Bike Show!

Stefan Medlicott. Novice Rep' WMRC