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    Mr. Zephyr

    Looking For A Job

    Im a full time student at UBC
    I have school from 9am~4pm on weekdays but can work after school and on weekends.

    I have work experience at Retails, and Community Center
    Im fluent in both English and Japanese
    and im willing to work very hard.

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    You Betcha!
    No offence, but shouldn't this be in the "Off Topic" forum?
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    yes it should, moved.
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    What type of pay are you looking for?

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    Mr. Zephyr
    Higher the better but it doesnt really matter

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    hit the streets man.
    not the best place to look for work on a bike forum.
    try micky D's
    or something that can offer you the hours you want.
    good luck
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    If you have access to a fax machine for a lenght of time........get the yellow pages (or stupidpages F*&*^!@ pieces of S*%&) and start faxing your resume around........worked for me.

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    Neptune Food Service is hiring. they can catter to students to a certain degree. the shifts tend to start at 7pm till 3am but they can put you on 4 to 6 hr shifts to accomodate the 9am start for school. starting wage is $11 and you get $.50 for starting after 3pm and the first raise after 480hrs or around 3 months is $1.16. very physical labour and if you can stand some severe cold, the freezer get another $1 for working in it.
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    How about at the automalls? I worked at a car detailing shop in richmond automall...i worked full time for a bit, till school started, then i jus worked weekends....8 hours saturday and 6 on sunday. You'll either get hourly $8-9/hr or you'll be a piece worker. $8 for every car you detail..$14 for BMW, Merc, Land Rover...$10 for VW. Once you get used to knowing how to do the job properly..its a routine..and over time you get faster and faster, there fore you get more cars done...and make more money. You could make a good $300 a paycheque workin weekends alone. The better you get the more you'll make. I did about $400-500 a weekend...im lazy butt...im not sure if they hiring..but im cool witht he manager and im still friends with all the employees...PM me if you are interested.
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