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    Exclamation wheel question

    when you polish your wheels do they look as shiny as chrome? and how do you polish things?? if anybody can help

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    Very popular topic. Run a search. Some guys here have polished their wheels. Looks cool, but be prepared to spend many hours.
    In a nutshell, get some 400, 600, 1000 and 2000 grit sandpaper from Crappy Tire. Start sanding with the 400 and moving up in grit until you're done with the 2000. Then pull out your trusty Autosol or whatever other aluminum polish you like and rub away.
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    gixxtar has it on lock ,search the site you'll find it .
    Not as shiny as chrome ,but pretty close but dosn't flake or add wieght.My opinion i'd chrome before polish ,,but if budget is concern go with polish

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    The procedure is there. I love the look of polished wheels. Chrome is more durable and I think it looks slightly better when done right. Most people can't tell the difference; I used to get asked all the time. If you have time, go for it, time is all it takes to do a good job; if you have money get someone else to do it. It's a dirty and tedious job, but the results of a good job are something that everyone will notice.

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