Travelling with your heated vest?
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Thread: Travelling with your heated vest?

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    Travelling with your heated vest?

    I found this story on the net.

    Plane Lands Safely Following Terror Scare

    Another false alarm. Apparently the minimum-wage security types didn't realize that in the dead of winter, people who ride motorcycles often buy and wear electrically heated coats, and will take the coats with them when they travel if they expect to ride a motorcycle at their destination. - M. R.
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    That's a pretty short story. Is there suppose to be a link? I guess the wires could pass ass ignition wire or pyro-fibre.
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    Woman taken off flight to Cincinnati
    Suspicious wires poked out of jacket; woman not a threat, officials say

    By John Nolan, Associated Press
    January 7, 2004

    HEBRON, Ky. — A woman was taken off a Paris-to-Cincinnati flight just before it left France on Tuesday because of suspicious wires poking out of her leather jacket. Security officials later determined she was not a threat.

    It turned out that the motorcycle jacket was designed to heat up like an electric blanket to keep the wearer warm, officials said.

    However, as a precaution, Delta Flight 43 was kept a half-mile from the terminal at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport after it landed. U.S. officials then re-screened all passengers and baggage.

    Hafiz Aboulhosn, 53, said he was one of several people questioned in Paris and among about 10 Middle Eastern men questioned at the Cincinnati airport.

    "I wasn't upset about it," said Aboulhosn, an engineer for General Electric Co.'s jet engine division in suburban Cincinnati. "I'm glad they're doing it. I would suspect everybody from the Middle East because of what is going on."

    The nation is under orange alert, the second-highest of five color-coded terrorism threat levels. The government has started photographing and fingerprinting foreigners arriving at U.S. airports, and some international flights have been canceled or delayed because of terrorism fears.

    The plane landed at a cargo area where Air Force One lands when President Bush visits. Police cars and Delta passenger buses were gathered at the site, which is surrounded by a 10-foot chain-link fence with barbed wire.

    A Homeland Security official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the passenger was taken off the plane before it left France because of concerns about the wires. Police bomb disposal experts were called in to check the woman's jacket, said French police officials speaking on customary condition of anonymity.

    The Boeing 767-300 is a regularly scheduled flight from Charles de Gaulle airport outside Paris. The security concerns delayed the plane's takeoff about an hour, authorities said.

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