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    yellow pages

    I was wondering how many people have had any major purchases decided from the yellow pages? eg, bike purchase, car purchase, stereo purchase.
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    I don't think that a lot of people make purchase decisions based on the Yellow Pages, especially not for large purchases like the ones you mentioned. But it's a good starting point in the shopping process, e.g. I found a stereo shop in the Yellow Pages that I didn't know about, but my actual decision to purchase from that shop had nothing to do with their Yellow Pages ad.

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    The only time I use the Yellow Pages is when I need something fixed around the house, and I don't call anybody I've never heard of.
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    I've used the yellow pages to get a list of places to visit to see what the shops offer. After the initial visit, I get opinions from people and then decide where to shop based firstly on service, then price.
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    All my decisions are based on Yellow Pages, unless there is a good referal. I place yellow page ad's in the Vancouver and North and West Vancouver books. Without them, my business would suffer quite a bit. There is a sense of accountability when you go thru the yellow. The BBB book in my line of work(Construction) is a POS.

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    Yellow pages are good for ordering pizzaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    I am hungry right now, I think I am going to order a pizza.
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    I used to choose things (vets, restaurants, etc..) from yellow pages, but I resort to www.mybc and looking stuff online. They don't have everything listed on there, but for those who took the extra effort to make a website, I steer towards them unless I get a good word of mouth.

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    i use the yellow pages for "dates"

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