Wicked ride guys thanks!!!
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Thread: Wicked ride guys thanks!!!

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    Wicked ride guys thanks!!!

    Myself, Scott, Chris, and three others (sorry forgot your names) went for a wicked ride today. Started at 9am at the Miky D's on Boundary and Lougheed with a sweet race ready (but street legal) 600 ninja, a R6 that looked brand new and my R1. Then meet up with a kawi 1200 and the beauty flag pattern R6. Hit the sea to sky to squamish. Little spiting rain for a bit but nothing bad. After horseshoe bay it stopped and just a little spits here or there. All the wat to Pembertin to meet up with another 6R.

    I thought we went to a whole different world once there. It was hot and almost sunny, No rain in sight. Then decided to head of to Darcy (sp??) Now that was a road!!! Expecially since I have never ridin that one b4. Then back home for my BBQ. Just finished up so i thought I would thank the guys for a awsome ride. Its always nice to ride with a good group of guys. It makes it that much better.

    Man that kawi 1200 is a monster!!! Theres nothing like seeing a big beast like that pulling a sky reaching wheelie.

    Anyway I am getting back to my little party. Again sweet ride thanks!!!!


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    no no thank YOU for the sweet ride ..... i was slower than everyone esle but man it was fun, we'll definitly have to do it again...Rahul
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    Rahul thats it. I knew it was something like that. Ya for sure, the more you ride the faster you get.


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    Cody-great ride, thanks for organizing it. Others, it was good riding with you all. It was good to see everybody ride at there own speed and just generally enjoy themselves. This was definitely a good day. Wish I could have made it to the BBQ but after doing the early morning ride before meeting, I needed to sleep.

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