zx7r + polished dented frame
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Thread: zx7r + polished dented frame

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    zx7r + polished dented frame

    I have most of my 98 zx7r plus one frame from a 99' I beleive.
    The frame is polished but has a nice dent on the one side.
    The body on the bike:
    Upper fairing is green/black new paint 1 year ago.
    left fairing is painted solid green.
    Right is prepped for paint.
    Rear is still factory but has been sanded slighty (over the tailight)

    Im looking to get rid of prettymuch the whole bike in parts. I started building it 2 years ago buying from places here in edmonton and from ebay.Now my student loans are up and I really need the cash. I will probably sell off the larger peices via www. I dont really want to dissasemble much else to pack and ship. I will part it out with one foul swoop... Although if you need a peice let me know and maybe I can do something.
    I didnt really want to do this until after the summer but bills must be paid first before fun. At least I might be bale to help some of you out looking for that hard to find part. I'l get to taking pics next week.

    my email is ' zx7r @ telus.net '

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    I have some things left

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