Turn signal lenses....?
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Thread: Turn signal lenses....?

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    Turn signal lenses....?

    Anyone know of any places to get little lenses that could be used for rear turnsignals for a undertail? I have one lens that I got with a used/abused undertail, but I need the other one. I'd snap a pic of it but I don't have my digi cam at the moment The lens I have is 28mm (1 1/8") dia round and the lettering on the lens says LEMA 5626. I'm assuming LEMA is the mfg. I would like to find out where the undertail makers get their turnsignals.

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    these guys have a ton of lenses ,and they are in canada ,i have some of thier brake light with the turn signal intergrated in to the same housing ,,try em ,,,or

    if you real want to be creative ,make an aluminum template and wire in your own super bright led's,,you could even make it in the shape of the yamaha logo ,or R1 in each side ,,very cheap and easy to do .

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    mm blue anodized levers...not bad
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    Yeah , blue anodized stuff, droool....
    btw, who does that and how much ?

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    "Spectral Coatings" in surrey ,cost prob $10 for both ,couple of days ,i have had tons of stuff done by them ,,make sure to polish them or at least make sure they are nice ,the anodizing reflects whatever brightness the surface is .

    They have to be dismantled ,so the adjuster has to come out and anything seperate from the actual cast lever pieces .

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