F4i Fairings/Race Glass on an F4
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Thread: F4i Fairings/Race Glass on an F4

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    F4i Fairings/Race Glass on an F4

    Has anyone ever put plastic fairings or race glass for an F4i on an F4? (I'm particularly interested in anyone with experience with the latter.) How easy was it to install, what needed to be modified to make it fit, etc.? For example, I believe the air box intakes are slightly different so that may need to me modified to fit.

    Any advice people want to post up or PM me with would be greatly appreciated.

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    a little shaving or cutting and anything will work. go for it. just do it.
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    The sides of the f4 fit the f4i, but the upper f4 will not fit an f4i. This I have tried. You can cut and make some new mounting points like Patrick has stated and it will work. I know nothing about the diff in race glass btwn the two. My f4i has a diff fairing stay than stock, so anythings possible. Spyke put his 2 gixxer sides together and fiberglassed the bottom of the sides to make a 4l area big enough to store spilt oil in the event of. Voila...instant race glass from stock plastic.

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    cbr f4 1999

    i've done it,that's how my bike is now ,there are a few things that are a little different ,depending on how much you want to spend or are wiling to modify .

    If you want to modify your old f4 subframe and upper fairing stay the time it wil take you to modify weld -on fairing bosses and add-ons,it will be cheaper to just buy these thigs.

    F4i subframe,seat lock,tail light battery tray(basically the whole ass -end so it becomes an instant bolt-on .

    F4i headlight gauge fairing stay,

    f4i upper ,sides,headlight assembly.(you will have to get a f4i headlight harness and modify it if you want brights and normal lights because f4 is a single headlight with only one headlight plug -in,and the f4i has two ,you could wire them to work at the same time ,but no brights.

    F4i ram air covers .

    f4i seats ,rear foot pegs

    If you have al these things it's a bolt on ,and it wil take you about an 1hr to swap it.

    The frames are identical,the subframe mounts are identical,the tanks are the same,forks,etc , ,other than engines and cosmetics ,it's the same bike .

    if you need anymore help let me know .

    there is one small difference with my bike i kept my f4 upper from a race bike upper fairing and cut it to fit the bodywork to accept a single headlight .But this year i am going with full race body .

    But the F4i upper and headlight is a bolt on after you get the f4i upper stay ,and ram air covers.You can also use the f4 air cover but they are two piece and not as nice as the f4i.
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    front,this was with the f4 covers ,they are too short ,the f4i covers are better

    putting on race glass doesn't make any diference as far as mounting goes ,it's just split at a different location .Get the gauge stay and your in .You'l have to modify where that big ass cluster from the f4 goes though ,it may need an L bracket to bring it off the stay ..i never used the gauge and i'm swaping to just a tach and a speedo assembly.But stil an esay swap
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    2000 f4 ,01 f4i stock body .

    not my bike ,but you can see how it loks stock f4i ,,the chrome we'll just assume isn't stock

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    i forgot to mention ,you have to fabricate a bracket for the fule pump since f4i's don;t have fule pumps and the subframe does not have a place for it .A simple bracket made from aluminum will work ,mount it anywhere ,mine is right in front of the rear brake resiv

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