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    Mt. Baker Update

    OK, when I woke up this morning it was warm and the roads were clear so on a spur of the moment I headed to Mt. Baker.

    The road to Baker was awesome, lots of turn at various speeds. Just past Maple Falls there was a sharp turn that had a little gravel, but that was it. The roads were a bit wet, well they were dark coloured so not dry but I only felt the front wheel slip once.

    Be warned, you MUST be aware of wildlife! I was doing a higher speed turn when I noticed a deer on the side of the road, about 5 clicks past Glacier. It just stood there but when I was getting closer it started getting a little spooked. When I was about to go past the deer it darted onto the road and I had to do one of those heart-pounding-panic-stops-in-mid-corner. Good thing I recently changed my brake fluid.

    After that I was at the base of the mountain and the roads were tighter, but still clear. Some loose debris here and there on the way to the top, but nothing major.

    All in all it was a wicked ride, from Cloverdale to Baker and back took under 3 hours, so the trip does not require a full day. My visor was COATED with bugs, so bring some cleaner and wipe them off each time you stop. It was so much better than the local mountains, with less traffic and only one police car on the whole trip.

    A few more trips like this one and my 'chicken strips' will be a distant memory.

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    Just thought I'd add a little Seymour update. Roads are fine until you get to the top where the 20km hairpin is.

    I took it in at a moderate speed and wobbly fished it when I gased it out of the corner. I turned around immediately to find out why that happened.

    Sand covering the hairpin. The two 40km sweepers are fine.
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